Mix Ropes

12-Strand Braided Rope

12-strand braided rope has superior strength with excellent abrasion resistance. The braided rope is flexible, does not rotate or kink, and can be handled and coiled easily. The rope is fully spliceable. Lead or wire can be inserted in the center of the core creating a sink rope with improved strength. Our 12 strand braided rope is manufactured in a variety of fiber types in single or double braid construction. It is recommended for use as commercial fishing, crab line, long line and net sling.

Lead Core Rope

Lead Core rope is manufactured to facilitate the rope to quickly become submerged into water. Lead Core ropes are used in commercial fishing, particularly as net bottom lines.

Vinylon(KU, V/E) Rope

Vinylon rope has the appearance similar to cotton rope. It has excellent ultra violet ray resistance. It is one of the best handling ropes with outstanding resistance to internal and external abrasion. It is commonly used by commercial fishermen for trawling applications, safety nets and also used for general marine and industrial use.

Polyethylene Staple Rope

PE-Staple Rope is very soft in texture, easy to handle and flexible. The fibers on the surface of the rope maintain a high degree of friction and grip.

  • High ultra-violet stabilization
  • Applications are fish farming, lashing, and general purpose.

Combination Rope

Combination Rope has the same construction as wire rope. However, each steel wire strand is covered with Superdan yarn which contributes to the rope having high tenacity with good abrasion resistance. The rope is easy to handle and can be formed into tightly wound knots. PP split film can be used in place of the Superdan cover if required. Generally the core is synthetic fiber. Steel wires can be substituted as the core if the rope is required to be submerged or sink faster.

Polyethylene Rope

Polyethylene rope has positive buoyancy (floats) but is slightly heavier than polypropylene rope. Tensile remains the same wet or dry. It is commonly used in commercial fishing and industrial applications.

Mussel Hanging Rope

  • Application : Mussel farms
  • High abrasion resistance & high strength
  • UV stabilizer treated
  • Designed to have maximum surface area to help mussels stick to the ropes easily
  • Lead core helps the rope to sink and hang vertically

Mooring Tails

Reason for Using Mooring Tails

Generally more elasticity is required for mooring ropes. Tails can provide this elasticity which reduces the load induced by steel wire moorings under dynamic loading. Tails permit the ship to respond more favorably when subjected to various wind, wave and current conditions. Tails also tend to distribute the loading more evenly compared to mooring lines without tails.

Mooring Rope

It is commonly used for heavy marine applications such as mooring, docking and anchor systems. The mooring ropes retain superior strength under shock have excellent resistance to abrasion with less kinks and internal rotations.

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