Webbing Slings

Soft Flat Slings & Soft Round Slings

Feature and Merits

  • Make the best use of high tenacity polyester yarn’s breaking strength with reinforced polyester tube covers
  • Better breaking strength than conventional web-sling with less weight
  • Take less volume than web-sling
  • Easy handling and stocking with superior flexibility
  • No damage to the surface of lifting goods

Super Sling®

Our products are “CE”mark proven by Lloyd’s Register. The “CE”mark can be obtained only when the manufacturer or supplier conforms to the health and safety requirements of Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and is strictly controlled and monitored by its founder E.U.

  • Light weight and excellent flexibility allow safer and easier handling of your valuable products
  • Slings are not slippery
  • High resistance to chemical and oil contamination
  • Various sizes available for every application
  • Custom made slings for specific applications can be made in accordance to any customer specifications
  • Special treatment gives excellent resistance to surface abrasion
  • Various color are available
  • Quality is maintained through constant monitoring and process controls
  • Special stampings can be applied to the web surface
  • Due to our superior and high tenacity materials being used in the manufacture of our slings, the working life of our super sling are dramatically extended, reducing the life cycle costs to you.

Super Web™ (Webbings)

DSR Webbings are manufactured from the highest quality durable polyester and nylon fibers. DSR webbings are designed for strength and excellent abrasion resistance and minimized elongation. Webbings are available in a variety of tensile strengths for various applications.

Several various types of webbings according to use

  • Straps
  • Lashing Webbings
  • Sling Webbings

Super Web™ is available in several different colors and sizes according to use. Super Web™ is dyed with either the pigment or thermal method.

Lashing Systems

DSR’s lashing webbings are produced from controlled tenacity polyester yarns. Metal components are selected to suit lashing webbings and meet international standards.


An order and inquiry for DSR Corp should be accompanied by the following information.


  • Please check the damage on the rope before use and handle it carefully to avoid any damage while using the rope. The life of the rope may vary depending on the load, method and conditions, so please choose proper rope for your purpose.
  • Please pay attention to the binding direction when untying the rope to avoid distortion. 'Z' tying should be untied counterclockwise and 'S' tying should be untied clockwise.
  • Please observe the load limit for safety on the rope and apply the type of the rope and safety rate considering the working method and condition. Please do not work under the rope. Be cautious of sudden impact.
  • When you use the rope around sharp edges, it may be damaged by the sharp edges. Please use protective device on the sharp edges.
  • When you connect the ropes, the I-processing should be accurate. Ex) 8 S/T rope: 4 projections and above.
  • Please keep the rope away from the heat or flame to avoid any damage including reduced strength. Please keep it in the place to avoid heat deterioration.
  • When you expose the rope to the sunlight for a long time, it can accelerate the strength reduction and aging. Please keep it under the safe place.
  • The rope once used may be deteriorated by the impurities such as oil and water during its storage. So, please remove the impurities. In addition, the nylon rope may be hardened by water or moisture to result in inconvenience for handling. So, please be cautious of storing the rope.
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